About Us

Axet is a BIM services company


We seek to make projects and life
 easy for architects

  • We do this through a system designed for outsourcing .
  • This system was validated over the last 8 years.
  • Its main characteristic is its focus on quality and it is supported by our team made up of the best professionals in Latin America.

Such is our focus and obsession with quality that since 2021 we are the only ISO 9001 BIM company certified in Latin America.

During these 8 years, we have developed more than 43,000,000 sqft participating in projects in the US, Canada, Bahamas, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

Our Team

  • Natalia Olivera

    Natalia Olivera

    Chief Quality Officer

  • Sebastian Sanabria

    Sebastian Sanabria

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Carolina Gasparri

    Carolina Gasparri

    Chief Performance Officer

  • Monserrat Elaskar

    Monserrat Elaskar

    Project Manager

  • Martin Miotti

    Martin Miotti

    Project Manager

  • Franco Zalazar

    Franco Zalazar

    (c) Project Manager

  • Miguel Szteinberg

    Miguel Szteinberg

    Job Captain

  • Luciana Bori

    Luciana Bori

    (c) Job Captain

  • Antonela Persico

    Antonela Persico

    (c) Job Captain

  • Lucia Leiva

    Lucia Leiva

    (c) Job Captain

  • Monserrath Coello

    Monserrath Coello

    (c) Job Captain

  • Renzo Boza

    Renzo Boza

    (c) Job Captain

  • Mariana Lasa

    Mariana Lasa

    Sr. BIM Modeler

  • Sidney Egusquiza

    Sidney Egusquiza

    Sr. BIM Modeler

  • Franco Montalto

    Franco Montalto

    Sr. BIM Modeler

  • Mauricio Briceño

    Mauricio Briceño

    BIM Modeler

  • Lazaro Brito

    Lazaro Brito

    BIM Modeler

  • Bianca Besio

    Bianca Besio

    BIM Modeler

  • Eugenia Costilla

    Eugenia Costilla

    BIM Modeler

  • Violeta Golfarini

    Violeta Golfarini

    BIM Modeler

  • Agustina Galaretto

    Agustina Galaretto

    Jr. BIM Modeler

  • Sebastian Mosquera

    Sebastian Mosquera

    Jr. BIM Modeler

  • Rodrigo Elizo

    Rodrigo Elizo

    Business Developer

  • Melina Casal

    Melina Casal

    Executive Assistant